It's okay to

be visible!!!

The Invisible Disabilities Comedy Show is a stand-up comedy show for disabled comedians to joke about their struggles!


About the Show

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We started our show in 2018 at Luna's Cafe in Sacramento, and quickly discovered an extraordinary community of disabled folks who had never heard their experiences discussed by a comedian before. We consider our performers and our audience to be a part of our ID family. Our shared experiences with invisible and visible struggles bond us to each other in a very unique and powerful way.


We want to encourage a culture in comedy (and in the world in general) in which it is not only accepted to talk about these kinds of problems, but also encouraged and embraced. It's hard enough to deal with our respective issues as it is, much less do it by ourselves. We don't need to stay invisible!

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Posts about our show and other efforts to help make our invisible struggles visible!



Invisible Disabilities Comedy Show